Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manfrotto 682B Professional Monopod with Legs

Here's another one of my favorite pieces of professional gear. It's a heavy duty strong monopod with an added bonus of having legs. I like the clamps used for adjusting the height, they are quick and strong. I don't care for monopods with the twist and turn type of adjustments.

The pop out legs are great for using an off camera flash on the monopod. If you need a tripod then buy a tripod. Don't use this monopod as a tripod with heavy pro lenses.

The price of a little over $100 bucks is fantastic for a professional grade heavy duty monopod.

If you need a heavy duty strong monopod, I highly recommend the Manfrotto 682B. Monfrotto makes excellent professional grade products.

As always but it from the most reputable dealer of the web,

Buy it from B&H here:
Manfrotto 682B Professional Monopod

Update: I used the 682B Monopod with a Nikon 400mm 2.8 AF-S this weekend and it worked like a charm. This is a huge and heavy lens. The lens alone weighs 10.2 pounds. The monopod performed flawlessly!

If you don't think you will ever use the fold out legs here are a couple of other excellent choices that are design to hold 20 plus pounds. Both use the same type of strong and quick adjustment clamps as the 682B

Manfrotto by Bogen Imaging 679B (3216) 3 Section Monopod

Manfrotto by Bogen Imaging 680B (3249B) Compact Monopod

Try it in the real world before you buy it, rent it from
681B Manfrotto/Bogen Monopod at
(Very similar and supports the same weight as the models mentioned above)



  1. I've been reading all your reviews of the equipment I own or have used. I must say your comments are right on the money for every one I've read. I certainly would visit this sight again for any new product I am considering buying. And yes, B&H are great folks to deal with.

  2. I do not use huge lenses, mainly wide angle, but I just can't fathom lugging a tripod. I do tons of Urban style shots - cityscapes, documentary, local events ie parades,concerts etc.

    A recent experience with this exact Mono during a small (50 people at best and that's an exaggeration) wedding really made me want to venture in Monopod assisted photography. The brides father was using it to take pictures however I was commissioned cheaply for skill and portfolio reasons. I asked him if I could test it out and I had it on during the wedding and reception which all took place outside. I was impressed as were the groom, my bud and bride.

    Didn't notice the noise everyone complains about and I did use the legs. Seemed stable "enough" for my equiptment but I was in catch it range too...

    Thanks for the review you've just made my decision even more difficult between this design and the Tech Trek products... lol.

  3. I'm really interested in buying this monopod.
    This article is really helpful.

    Good job!!


  4. Just purchased one on Craigs list, met the camera man Charlie and had a nice chat.It will be used to hold off camera sb-800 flash,while photographing flowers at Longwood gardens in PA. Looking to use gels on the flash to give some drama to the flowers background.

  5. HY,
    Are you using this monopod with some head, or simply without it? I'm planing to purchase one to use with 300mm F/2.8 and TC 2x...