Saturday, June 13, 2009

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Inkjet Printer Review

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Inkjet Printer Review

This printer has amazing quality and it's friendly software makes printing a breeze.

Here's what's cool about the PIXMA Pro 9000!
The Easy-PhotoPrint Software is fast and easy to use.
The prints are fast! 8x10 in 47 seconds.
8 ink cartridges (Makes beautiful prints)
Cost of ink is reasonable and easy to find.
13x19 max print size fantastic.
It's durable (I've made thousands with print of it).
Easy replaceable and inexpensive print head.
Canon ChromaLife100 (Prints last 100 years)

Only use Canon ink! I tired using some CLI-8 ink from third party ink manufactures and had terrible experiences. 3rd party inks cause problems like ugly colors and clogged print heads. The only time I had to change the print head was due to using 3rd party ink.

Buy it from They have been around forever and they are hands down the best online store. And their prices are always competitive. Stay away from any online store with a price to good to be true.

Get it from B&H photo (A $100 rebate is available right now) June 2009
Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Inkjet Printer


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  1. Thanks for the positive heads up on the Pixma. Ours arrived yesterday. 95% of reviews are like yours, positive and encouraging. Shot and printed a Macbeth Color Chart, and the ONLY disappointment was the first light gray was too light....ALL the rest of the colors were on target !!!
    BTW...the next 3 Pixma's down the line just got top ratings in Consumers Reports....