Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Giottos Pro Tripod (MTL Series) 9371B and 8371B Review

Giottos Pro Tripod (MTL Series) 9371B and 8371B Review

The MTL tripod series includes the MTL 92/82 Classic series and the MTL 93/83 3-way series.

The first thing I look at when evaluating a tripod is to make sure the legs are quick and easy to lock down. Secondly, I make sure they don't creep once they are locked. The MTL series tripods meet both requirements with their quick lever lock system.

Here's what's Really Cool
Study the pics, this tripod is like a contortionist.
It's strong the 9371B hold 22 pounds or 10kg
1/4" or 3/8" camera screw stud
Built-in universal 3-way head
It will go low 26 cm
Available in aluminum or carbon fiber

I preferred the price of the aluminum model about $180. The carbon fiber model is over $400.

More info on the MTL series can be found here at giottos.com

Buy the Aluminum version here at bhphoto.com
(The only online dealer I recommend)

Here's the Carbon Fiber Model at bhphoto.com
Giottos MTL 8371B Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs

Here's a great ballhead with a quick release system to go with this tripod. It's built to hold 22 lbs just like the tripod. Using a ballhead with this tripod will increase it's flexibility and speed.

Giottos MH-1000-652 Large Ballhead with MH-652 Quick Release System


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