Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nikon SB-900 (Speedlight) Review

Nikon SB900 Speedlight Flash/Strobe Review

When you want and can afford the best flash available here it is. This is a Nikon's best professional flash. If you think you need it you'll have to cough up a little over $400.

If the price seems a little to high check out the SB-600, it's a great flash and about half the cost. I think the SB-600 is great for all but the pros and very serious amateurs.

You should consider the lens you will be using when using your flash. I've used both the SB-600 and the SB-900 with the 70-200mm VR lens and the extra power of the SB-900 really shines when using a larger zoom lens.

If you were thinking about about the old SB-800 it's no longer in production. The SB-900 is the SB-800 replacement.

If the $400+ price tag hasn't scared you off
here's what makes it better than the

It's the best and most powerful Nikon flash money can buy.
It can be used off camera in wireless TTL mode.
It can act as a commander for other wireless Nikon speedlights.
3 Light Distribution Patterns
- General Illumination
- Center-Weighted for Portraits
- Even for Groups and Interiors

Stroboscopic Effect
- Repeating flash for creating stroboscopic multiple-exposure effect.
You can Update the Firmware.
Comes with Colored Gels.
Zoom Range 17mm-200mm.
Super Fast Recycle Time.

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Here's the imported version at B&H.
Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight i-TTL Shoe Mount Flash (Imported)
(Imported version is about $20 less than the USA version)

Here's the good old USA version at B&H
Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight i-TTL Shoe Mount Flash (USA)

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