Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wescott Collapsible Light Reflectors & Diffuser Kit

Westcott 42", 6 in 1 Collapsible Illuminator Reflector Kit

A good diffusion and reflector kit is an absolute must have for portrait photography. This kit is an excellent choice.
It gets a solid 5 stars from the reviewers on the site.

I never leave home for an outdoor location shoot without this kit. I use the diffusers more than the reflector to shade my subjects face from the bright sun.

Wescott products are well made and the kit comes with a carrying case and two collapsible panels. Many kit just come with one collapsible frame. This kit is excellent value for the size, options and the 2 Collapsible frames. If you are taking outdoor portraits you will not regret this purchase.

This product can also give you more flexibility in the studio by using it to bounce more light on your subject.

The kit contains:
Instructional DVD
1 Full-Stop Diffusion Collapsible Panel
1 Two-Stop Diffusion Collapsible Panel
Reversible zippered cover are:
silver, gold, sunlight and black.

You can find the 6 in 1 kit here at
Westcott Illuminator Reflector Kit 6-in-1 - 42"

Rent it here at
Wescott Illuminator Reflector 6-in-1 kit at


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  1. Helpful review!! I'm in the market for a reflector/diffuser kit and would love to know your thoughts on the 42'' vs. the 52''